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Wedding Cakes

We love the fact that we can share in your special day with you and your partner. Wedding cakes are a fun part to any wedding celebration.  It is cake after all! 

Wedding celebration cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes.  You are welcome to select something from our gallery as previously made for clients or send us your own idea for a quotation. (Please remember that anything on a cake idea can be changed or adapted).

It is advisable to enquire a few months in advance for a wedding cake, to ensure availability.

To be able to send you a quotation for your special day, please send us the following: 

  • Wedding date 
  • The color scheme of the wedding 
  • The number of guests expected to eat from the cake
  • If delivery is required (Please mention the wedding venue name and area)
  • Picture idea of what you and your partner have in mind for the special day. 
  • Possible cake flavour choices

Cake coverings available:

  • Buttercream icing
  • Fondant (a pliable sugar dough)
  • Chocolate ganache/truffle filling (made by using chocolate, cream and butter)
  • Chocolate work
  • Semi naked (where a thin layer of icing is added to the outside of the cake, but the cake layers can still be partly seen.

Additional items available for the wedding celebrations:

  • Bridal showers – Cake, royal iced biscuits, cupcakes etc. to match theme (Unfortunately we do not make naughty bachelorette items)
  • Groom’s cake
  • Dessert table sweets- Mini cupcakes, brownies, millionaires’ shortbread, date balls, macarons, cake pops, cake balls, lamingtons, dessert cups, doughnuts, profiteroles, mini cheesecakes.
  • Thank you gifts: Macarons, millionaire shortbread, biscuits, cake in a jar, chocolate covered Oreos, and cupcakes.
  • A variety of packaging options are available to choose from, or it can be supplied by the client to match the décor in style and colour.

Wedding cake flavours:

Please note that some of the flavours can have an impact the cost of the quotation due to the ingredients used. 

*If you require a cake flavour that is not listed, please phone to enquire, as the list given is only a guide to the most popular choices.

Cake flavours:

  • Vanilla sponge cake filled with layers of Vanilla bean buttercream and caramel treat
  • Chocolate sponge cake filled with layers of lushes Chocolate buttercream and caramel treat
  • Vanilla sponge filled with layers of Strawberry buttercream and strawberry compote
  • Light Lemon infused sponge filled with layers of White chocolate ganache and homemade lemon curd
  • Oreo sponge layered with Vanilla bean buttercream with crushed Oreos mixed in
  • Moist Red velvet cake filled with layers of lemony Cream cheese frosting
  • Chocolate sponge layered with a Bar one chocolate buttercream, caramel treat and homemade bar one sauce
  • Chocolate sponge filled with layers of whipped milk chocolate ganache
  • Vanilla sponge filled with layers of whipped white chocolate ganache
  • Light lemon sponge filled with layers of whipped white chocolate ganache and homemade lemon curd
  • Chocolate and hazelnut cake layered with a whipped Nutella ganache and crushed hazelnuts
  • Moist carrot and pecan nut cake filled with layers of lemony cream cheese frosting
  • Matured Fruit cake