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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a cake shop?

No, we do not, as the business is located in a residential area.

We cannot accommodate walk-in clients, thus all orders need to be placed and paid in advance. 

We work on an appointment basis, as this is a small cake business, with no additional staff.

  • How long in advance should I place an order?

We generally ask clients to place an order 2-4 weeks in advance (this ensures that there is time to confirm availability for the date required, to send out the quotation, for payment/s to be confirmed and mainly for decorations and biscuits that need to dry) But please feel free to ask if you need a cake earlier than the 2 weeks, perhaps I can still help, as we work on a first come, first served basis, and I might still be able to squeeze you in. 

  • Where do you bake/ decorate the orders?

Although we live on the premises, we have seperate facilities that we use exclusively for Cakes by Karen, where the business is run from, that is approved by the Health department of the City of Cape Town.  


  • Do you have more cake pictures available or can I send you a picture idea to quote on?

As anything goes regarding cakes, you are welcome to send me your ideas.  As only a few ideas are here on the website (due to limeted space available), you are welcome to follow us on facebook and instagram (links are above) as I update all newly completed orders on a regular bases. I have also loaded more cake pictures on albums on my facebook page.  If you want to enquire about a specific theme and want me to send you pictures, please just ask!


  • How can I place an order?

You are welcome to enquire via phone, email or whatsapp to discuss your idea or to find out availability from our side.

 I would ask for the email address to be sent as well though, as I usually quote and confirm the order in writing via email.


  • What are the cake sizes available and portion sizes?

Cake size:  Cake sizes are referring to the diameter of each cake.

15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm or 40cm

A4 (23cm x 33cm)

A3 (30cm x 40cm)

Most cakes are done in round or square, but other shapes like rectangular, hexagon, heart, topsy turvey or novelty shapes can also be done.

Portions possible (this depends on the size of portions cut, so please see this only as a guideline)

15cm : 6-10 portions

20cm: 12 – 15 portions

25cm / A4: 20 – 25 portions

30cm / A3: 35 – 40 portions

  • What is the smallest order I can place for individual items?

Please note these are according to the smallest quantity my recipes can make.

Cupcakes- minimun 12 per flavour

Cake pops- minimum 6 per flavour

Decorated Biscuits – 6 per flavour 

Brownies- 8 per flavour 

Chocolate Macarons- 12 

*Please contact me if items you would like to enquire about is not listed above. 


  • What are the Terms of Payment?

All cakes must be paid in full, 5 days prior to the collection date.

Orders will only be confirmed upon either full payment or if a deposit of 50% is paid (but then the cake needs to be paid in full 5 days before the collection date).


Cash payment upon collection is NOT allowed.

Orders will be placed on a first come, first served basis when payment is received.

Preferred method of payment is EFT if possible please, as cash payment in the bank results in extra costs.


  • Can I pay cash when collecting the order?

No.  A deposit is required to secure your order and then the balance needs to be paid 5 days before collection.


  • Why do I need to pay in full before collecting my order?

As all orders are placed in advance and custom made to clients specifications, it is not something that can be resold. Most orders have decorations that need to be made before the time, and ingredients that need to be purchased.


  • Should I collect me order, or do you deliver?

All orders are to be collected and within our trading hours where possible. Please collect the order at the time it was confirmed at,as I work around those collection times to get orders done.  If clients are late (especially without letting me know, then this can create

problems).  Please also try to keep within our trading hours and please do not assume that as I work from home, that I can or will wait for hours for a cake to be collected if clients are running late. (I do understand if traffic creates a problem or you have an unexpected problem, so please just always keep communicating if this happens). This can especially create a problem in wedding season if I need to leave the property to do setup. As I do all the orders without staff, the work comes to a standstill when I leave the premise, thus limiting the amount of client I can assist on a daily basis.

*The only exception regarding delivery are wedding cakes/ big function cakes, as most are so big in design that they need to be setup at the venue and the delivery will be changed at an additional fee. 


  • Do you cater for Allergens?

We only offer a chocolate diabetic cake (suitable for a type 2 diabetic) and eggless vanilla or chocolate cake.

As we work with a variety of ingredients (gluten, nuts, milk etc), it is not practical or safe for clients with severe allergens due to spossible cross-cantamination of ingredients. I have taken the decision not to offer other allergen-free options as I not want any of my clients to get sick. 


  • Do you make Vegan cakes?


  • Do you offer discount on any orders?

Unfortunately not.  I feel we offer a fair price for the items and time spent in producing these items.


  • Do you have a price list available?

I do have a price list for everyday eating cakes, cupcakes and other eats that can be ordered 2-4 days in advance. Please just ask for this to be sent to you.

The availability to do these orders will depend on other orders already placed, as we can only accommodate a certain number of orders per day. But feel free to enquire anytime for assistance.

I do not have a price list available for wedding cakes, birthday cakes and other novelty items, as most as custom made, so they cannot be included on a general price list.


  • Can I supply my own toppers /toys for orders?

Yes you are welcome to, but they need to be discussed with me to ensure that it can be used on your type of cake and will fit on the order (eg. If a plastic crown is 20cm in diameter but the cake on order is only 15cm, then it cannot be used and another option should be considered).

Please also supply these toppers/ toys to be used a few days before collection.


What do the following terms mean?

1 Tier: 1 Full cake in one size consisting of layers of sponge with filling in between. A tier cake can be anything from 8 – 14cm in height, depending on the type of order placed.

2 Tier: 2 Full cakes of different sizes to be placed on top of each other.  Thus eg. A 15cm cake on top of a 20cm cake.

Cake board: a Round/ Square/ rectangular shaped cardboard or wood covered board. Each cake is placed on a cake board for easier handling and transportation.

Buttercream icing: a Filling made from Butter, icing sugar, milk and added flavouring/ powder/ chocolate

Fondant paste: A pliable sugar dough made from icing sugar and glucose.  It is used to cover cakes and can also be used to make figurines as well.

Marzipan: A paste that is rolled out and used to cover a fruit cake.  I do not use marzipan for figurines or to cover sponge cakes.

Chocolate ganache/truffle filling: A filling or covering made with chocolate, cream and butter.

Chocolate work: Decorations or coverings made from chocolate or modelling chocolate paste

to decorate the outside of a cake.

Royal icing: A type of piped icing made from icing sugar and egg whites.  Used on biscuits, for certain cake borders and to added fine details on certain cake designs.

‘Edible’ flowers: Flowers made from an edible sugar paste to make fine flowers.  Please note that although they are stated as ‘edible’ some parts of the specific flowers can contain non-edible items such as stamens, florist tape and  florist wire, as they cannot be made without them.  Please just ask if you have any questions regarding if edible flowers are to used on your order.

Edible figurines: 2D /3D figurines made by hand or a mould with modelling paste.  Clients will be notified (or you can ask) if any of these items contain bamboo skewers, as sometimes this are used to secure the figurine on the cake for transport purpose.

Cereal treat: Mixture made from Puffed rice cereal and melted marshmellows.  This is used instead of cake in certain designs where items are to heavy to use cake.  It will be mentioned on the order if cereal treat is to be included.

Packaging: This can refer to a cake box (for cakes), cupcake boxes/ plastic containers or other plastic bases and lids suitable for edible items to be transported in.