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Wedding cakes are a fun part to any wedding celebration.  It is cake after all!  We love the fact that we can share in your special day with you and your partner.


Wedding cakes come in all shapes, sizes and finishes.  You are welcome to select something from our ideas (please remember that anything on a cake can be changed) or to send us your own idea for a quotation. 


Please send us the following information to obtain a quotation for your special day:


  • Wedding date 
  • Colour scheme of the wedding 
  • Amount of guests expected to eat from the cake 
  • If delivery is required (please then mention the wedding venue name and area)
  • Picture idea of what you and your partner have in mind for the special day. 


Have a look at the info below and at some of the cake photos we have made in the past for other clients. (more photos are available on our facebook page albums)


Cake coverings available:

  • Buttercream icing

  • Fondant (a pliable sugar dough- to make figurines aswell)

  • Chocolate ganache/truffle filling (made by using chocolate, cream and butter)

  • Chocolate work


Wedding cake flavours:

Please note that some flavours will impact the cost of the quotation due to the ingredients used.

Please specify which flavour/s are preferred so that a proper quotation can be supplied.















*If you require a cake flavour that is not listed, please phone to enquire, as the list given is only a guide to the most popular choices.


  • Chocolate buttercream cake (with or without caramel treat)

  • Milk Chocolate truffle ganache cake

  • Bar one caramel fudge cake (contains traces of nuts as Bar one chocolates are used)

  • Black cherry chocolate cake (contains Cherry liqueur)

  • German chocolate cake (contains pecan nuts and coconut)

  • Hazelnut chocolate cake (contains Ferro Roche chocolates and Hazelnut paste)

  • Mocha (coffee and chocolate) cake

  • Vanilla Buttercream cake (with or without caramel treat)
  • White chocolate truffle ganache cake
  • Zesty Lemon Curd cake
  • Peppermint Crisp cake (contains peppermint Liqueur)
  • Salted caramel vanilla cake
  • Blueberry and Lemon cake
  • Chai spiced Latte cake


  • Red Velvet or Blue velvet cake
  • Carrot and Pecan nut cake (contains pecan nuts, coconut and apple)
  • Coconut and Lemon cake
  • Fruit cake

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